Hear Your Customer's Voice

A Simple Cost Effective Way to Hear From Your Customers !

CustomerCarePoint is a cloud based tool that provides and manages direct input from your customers,

when your customers WANT to communicate to you,

so you can respond quickly and effectively before it goes to social media.


You get valuable customer experience data so you can improve customer satisfaction and

enhance the customer experience.

• Provide a simple on line connection point that empowers customers to communicate issues, kudos, ideas.

• Better than customer surveys because it collects and aggregates the customer input data in real time.

• You get instant emails with submission details to authorized recipients so you can act immediately.

• Allow for user anonymity as required - optionally set up anonymous chat.

• Get real time cumulative report of all submissions.

• Nothing to install, operates in the Cloud.

• Connect from desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

• Customize and brand for your organization.

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